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Welcome to the UGC Battlefield 1 home page , on this page you will find all the major updates with battlefield and things that UGC is involed"related to battlefield". Please read our code of conduct before joining up, being able to create a fun and professtional space to play is our number one goal.

Become part of our network by joining our forum page, UGC will be providing weekly goals deacated to improving skills we are looking to create competitive, professional and fun filled environment for our players. UGC also see's teamwork as one of the most importent aspect of battlefield ,  working together as a team can make the game more entertaining and overall a better experience. Also in the coming months we are hoping to add a server to our line up as to help improve the overall game enverment. please if you have and idea to make us better let us know we are always looking to improve Ugc in any way

Ugc will be hosting a number of events related to battlefield like prize drawings and tournament and so much more, stay up to date by checking the leader board and Events/Game News below.

"please note UGC is still in the process of developing how and what we will be tracking for the leader board if you guys have any ideas head over to the forum and let us know".

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